Open Range Transport
A Range of Solutions and Experience



Open Range Transport driving Freight along the Open Range trails!  

Open Range Transport is a 15-year-old company which was founded on serving the paper industry. Over the years we have slowly expanded but are now under new management. The new management team seeks to improve our fleet regularly and get back to the roots where open range comes from. the open Range concept from our great states past moved cattle from Texas to the western Kansas, Nebraska, Dakotas, Montana, Wyoming. open range will instead of moving cattle it will move freight for our customers offering better service and dedicating runs to our drivers in these regions in effort to become the new open range of yesterday in todays freight world.



4541 Leston Street
Dallas, TX 75247

(214) 630-8179


Open Range Transport will provide a Range of services and dedicating capacity to ensure consistent routes and freight movements out on the open range highways. We don’t want to be just another trucking company.

Open Range Transport is going to be the best Trucking Company in the DFW market to serve Texas & the Open Range Territories.  

 Open Range has recently hired a new Freight Boss as the new C.E.O. He has spent his career building up companies and taking them to new levels. Tied together with his love of the western cowboy and Rodeo roots - Open Range is home to this ol'cowboy. His belief is simple build lasting relationships relationships with drivers & customers and we will only succeed.

Our Success provides us the ability to be safer, ensure our drivers fitness improves and allow financial stability to those who drive for our brand. Roberts believes "If OUR Drivers Succeed we all Succeed", "If our customers are happy then we did our jobs and everyone goes home safely".  HE also knows that if we do fair days’ work for fair days’ pay we will be best in class and our customers will support our initiatives regardless of market conditions. 

A man’s trust is a valuable thing, Button. You don’t wanna lose it for a handful of cards.
— Boss Spearman - from Open Range - the Movie